Updates about the Ad Technology Provider Controls launching ahead of the GDPR


Dear Partner,
As we shared in March, we are launching new Ad Technology Provider (ATP) Controls for you to choose the ad technology providers who will be able to serve and measure ads on your sites and apps for users in the European Economic Area (EEA). The controls will launch on Monday, May 7 for DFP and shortly after for AdSense and AdMob, and your settings will take effect on May 25, 2018.

「5月7日からDFP(DoubleClick for Publishers)で、その後すぐAdSense、AdMob(モバイルアプリ用広告プラットホーム)で広告配信元を設定でき、(GDPRの発効日である)5月25日に適用される」とのこと。(だいたい訳、です)

We encourage you to use these controls to choose your preferred list of ad technology providers. The full list of ad technology providers featured in those controls is available in the Help Center for DFP/AdX, AdSense, and AdMob. All providers listed have shared certain information that is required by the GDPR. If you don’t engage with the controls to choose your own list, we will apply a ‘commonly used’ list of ad technology providers. The commonly used list comprises the ad technology providers associated with the most revenue to publishers from EEA users from all programmatic demand sources.


Within these controls, you will also have the ability to:
• Present users a choice between personalized and non-personalized ads. We have already made documentation (DFP, AdSense) available for you to pass a non-personalized signal in our tags. App developer guides are available for passing this signal (DFP Android, DFP iOS, AdMob Android, AdMob iOS).
• Select to serve only non-personalized ads to all users in the EEA, if you wish.
• Choose which reservation line items are eligible to serve in personalized and non-personalized mode.


Finally, to further clarify requirements under our updated EU Consent policy, as well as Google’s controller position, we have published additional information on our Help Center to fully address your questions (DFP/AdX, AdSense, AdMob).
If you have any questions about this update, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account team or contact us through the Help Center.
The Google Team




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